Noe Valley

Driving up on Portola you keep climbing higher and higher. Once you reach the reach the top the road converts to Clipper St and you briefly see a beautiful skyline of San Francisco.

You have reached Noe Valley, a place where the sun shines bright and families and their strollers are abundant. Coming from Southern California I would say it slightly resembles a trip to Disneyland. It’s sunny, there’s a lot of strollers and it’s a kid friendly atmosphere.

Noe Valleys Market St is 24th St. Here’s where most of the local businesses are located. If coffee is something you fancy then you won’t have to venture more then a block before you find a tasty bakery or coffee shop.

Bernie’s is a local coffee shop which gets a good amount of foot traffic. Upon entering this small venue you are greeted by the hipster baristas who are eager to get your drink started. What I really liked about this specific coffee shop is the homey feeling it gives off. Especially when Bernie is running around keeping the place clean.

Noe Valley also has some parklets where one can see mommies with their young. This place is tucked away from the main city but close enough if you need to live life on the fast lane. San Francisco is known for having many subcultures based off the neighborhood you are exploring. The Castro is one of the biggest LGBT communities while the Mission district predominately Latin based.

In Noe Valley the correlation I kept observing was a communal atmosphere. From the library to the Whole Foods and even further the weather is inviting to those who prefer a more suburban feel. A thing to remember though is that parking is as not prominent here and every parking spot is metered or limited with two-hours unless you have a parking pass. On the plus side though the J does stop here and is an alternative means to get around as opposed to vehicle.


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